We have a completely new take on NFTs: An artisan one. Reinventing PFPs from every “side” by combining views from every all worlds: A digital artist with a classically trained one. A hot-shot Web 3.0 Dapp programmer with a computer scientist. An Influencer with a Publicist. (an old-school Mad Men) A digital coin investor with a stock trader. A startup bro with a corporate agent. And our art shine something from each and every one of US; because WE all take a side and yet WE all have Two Sides. And WE are building a community to reflect that: People from all parts of life, always remindful of and looking forward to connect with the other side; whether it’s their other side, or someone else’s.

Instead of just making up a few layers and auto generating, not only our artists painstakingly designed each “side” and their stories, but also we as a whole team have had to sign off each and every one of them: Authentically matchless. AND, on top of all that, our artists also hand crafted utterly unique ones; “real” one-of-ones.



Discord and Website Launch

Partnership Announcements

Minting Phase


Launching Two Side Community Hub, holding Two Side NFT will grant a membership

Buyback 20% Two Side Nfts from our community and displaying them on our Metaverse Gallery

Our holders can display (stake) their Two Side Nfts on our gallery and gain passive income from the visitors fees, trades and royalty fees



Our Members can create, display and sell their own Nft collections at our Metaverse gallery

Airdrops to our Nft holders for a chance to display more art in the gallery

Buying more land in Metaverse and expanding


More merch and utilities to our Members

Exclusive Metaverse events

3D Two Sides are coming


Frequently asked Questions

Dive into our FAQ for more details:
What blockchain will Two Side NFTs launch on?

Two Side NFTs will be launching on the Solana blockchain.

When will be the launch date?

Two Side NFTs can be minted on February 24th.

Stay up to date with our Discord server.

How much do Two Side NFTs cost?

The price will be auto-determined at the initial sale duration. Post mint, the market decides what the resale value of Two Side NFTs will be on the secondary markets.

How many Two Side NFTs are there?

There will be a total supply of 256 Two Side NFTs in the first sale event.

Will there be a presale?

Yes. We will be holding a presale half an hour prior to the public launch. Our presale will only be available to our Whitelist and OG members. To learn more on how you can join our Whitelist, please join our discord and check 📃how-to-whitelist .

How can the people mint for the presale?

A channel will be open for WL and OG members before the minting date. We will get your Solana wallet adresses and those wallet addresses will be able to mint for presale.

Are there secondary sale royalties?

Yes, there will be a small secondary sale royalty.

Where can I view my Two Side NFTs?

After public mint, Two Side NFTs will be revealed on SolSea and MagicEden. Once revealed, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to according marketplaces.

How are you going to provide value to your owners?

We have a ton of utility planned. Our main goal with this project is to give back to both communities we love. As we progress on our roadmap and with the project you will be very excited about what we are bringing. With the staking option, our holders will have a passive income.

Will there be merch and utility?

The two coincide with one another so we can speak much about it. However, We can say we are talking with distributors and are extremely excited to share it with everyone when the time comes.